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Upholstery Cleaning

Most people don’t simply wake up one morning and discover that upholstered furniture suddenly took on some funky odors, gathered a few stains and spots, and turned from bright and colorful to dull and slightly dirty overnight. Like everything else in your home made of material, your upholstery is subject to dirt and dust, absorbs oils from your body and hair, and even absorbs sweat. That upholstered furniture is also likely to capture spills and even hold onto the sticky fingerprints from young children. Over time all of these things begin to build up, until even daily vacuuming can no longer make your furniture look clean. When that happens it is time to call the professionals at Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach to return your upholstered furniture that clean bright perfection you once enjoyed.

Upholstery Cleaning at Its Best

Many times when upholstery is cleaned, the person cleaning the upholstery either doesn’t know or doesn’t take into consideration the fact, that different upholstery fabrics require different cleaning solutions and different techniques. Use the wrong solution or the wrong technique and you are likely to end up with upholstery that looks even worse for wear. Improper cleaning can cause those different colors to run together, leaving your furniture looking a mess, or else it can leave behind water spots that leave your upholstery looking sad and old before it’s time.

However, we here at Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach, have the skilled upholstery cleaning technicians, the right equipment, and all the right cleaning solutions to leave your upholstered furniture looking it’s best. Whether you need a velvet couch, a leather ottoman or a silk recliner or a mixture of different upholstery types we can accomplish the goal, and leave your furniture looking close to new again.

We Clean All Types of Upholstery

We clean all varieties of furniture and all different types of upholstery, Including:

  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Velvet
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Wool and wool blends
  • Hand made or machine made
  • Natural fibers or synthetic

Not only do we clean all your upholstered fabrics, but as part of upholstery cleaning we can clean drapes, blinds, curtain material, and mattresses. We will even clean your tapestries bringing those bright colors back out.

Residue Free Cleaning

Because we use only the very best organic cleaners to clean your upholstered furniture, our cleaners won’t leave behind any of that chemical residue that often leaves your newly cleaned upholstery looking duller than it should. In addition, our green cleaners won’t leave behind that chemical smell and they are safer for you, your children and pets.

Spot, Stain, and Odor Removal

We know that your upholstery won’t be truly clean unless it looks and smells completely clean, which is why we also use special spot, stain and odor removing products whenever they are needed to leave your furniture looking and smelling truly clean.

If your upholstery is looking a little worse for wear and you are ready to have it professionally cleaned give us a call at 361-257-6999 and schedule and appointment for services or a free consultation or get a free estimate. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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